Buying goods over the Internet from Overseas

There are some times when you want to buy products from overseas. Gadgets, clothes, movies, music etc. This is a quick post to let you know a few things to keep in mind.

This could be via sites like Ebay, or from some Australian web stores that don’t have local warehouses, or from sites like PriceUSA that let you buy goods from stores in the USA that don’t normally ship to Australia.

The trick to keep in mind is that when buying from overseas, Australian Customs will hit you with an import tax if any of the below are true:

1. Value of goods is over $1000
2. Combined value of multiple packages shipping to the same address at the same time is over $1000

More information is available on the Australian Customs Website.

Very important point to make: If buying from an Australian Web Store, best check where the goods are shipping from. If they are coming direct to your address from an overseas warehouse you are liable for the import tax if over $1000 in value.


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