iPAQ using Motorola V3x as Bluetooth 3G modem

Three LogoSo I have a HP iPAQ rw6828 (using a work provided Vodafone AU SIM), as well as a Motorola V3x mobile (using my own H3G or "Three" USIM).

Work have removed GPRS access on my Vodafone SIM at my request due to the ridiculous costs involved, so I thought I'd see if I could get my V3x working as a 3G modem with it over Bluetooth. It's important to note that you need to have Mobile Broadband enabled on your 3 account.

Note: For the gadget/technically minded, this sounds easy (and it is if you use almost any phone from Sony Ericsson instead of the V3x), however no matter what I tried, with H3G's limited help (they only support Windows XP) I couldn't get it going.

Well now I've solved it, and here are the steps.

  1. Connect the devices via Bluetooth (choose "Find Me" on the V3x, and then "Add Device" on the rw6828).

  2. On the rw6828, go into Start/Settings/Connections/Connections.

  3. Choose "Add a New Modem Connection".

  4. Name it something (I used H3G via Bluetooth), and select "Bluetooth" as the modem and choose next.

  5. When the "My Connections" page comes up, select your V3x and choose next.

  6. In the box on the next page (text starts with "Enter the number...") type in *99# and choose next.

  7. Leave the Username, Password and Domain boxes blank, and click "Advanced".

  8. Change the "Baud Rate" to 115200, un-tick "Wait for dial tone" and "Cancel if not connected" boxes.

  9. In the "Extra Dial String Commands" box, type this exactly: &f0&d2&c1e0v1w1s95=47;cgatt=0;+cgdcont=1,"IP","3netaccess" and choose "OK" in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  10. Click on Finish.

  11. When back at the Connections screen, ensure your new connection is at the top of the screen. If something else is listed, click on the "Advanced" tab at the bottom, then "Select Networks". From the top drop-down box, choose your connection, then tap the "OK" button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  12. Click the OK buttons until you get an "X" in the top right hand corner, then tap that.

  13. Now test it! Open your Pocket Internet Explorer browser on your handheld and type a website (e.g. http://www.google.com.au) into your address bar, and click the green arrow. It may popup and ask for a password, if so don't type anything in, just tick the "Remember Password" box. If all is well, after a quick connection over Bluetooth, the website should now load up on the rw6828 screen.

This may work for other Windows Mobile 5.0 devices or it may not, but if you find this post and it helps you out then thats great.