HP Photosmart C6180 on Mac OSX

I picked up a new HP Photosmart C6180 printer today - nice printer with auto sheet feeding scanner and copier, as well as inbuilt fax. It also looks nice too. Problem is the Mac driver in the box...

HP Photosmart C6180 (left) HP Photosmart C6180 (right)

So, thinking all would be good I immediately pulled the Windows disk out to install the drivers on my Windows machines, and no problems - all done in 10mins.

I also did the same for my MacBookPro. All looked OK - but nope! The install fails to find the printer. The install CD in question looks like this:

HP Photosmart C6180 Mac Install Disk

If your CD looks like this - DO NOT USE IT. It seems HP have labelled the disk correctly but put the 7100 drivers on there by accident.

Head on over to http://www.hp.com and choose to download drivers, type in C6180 and grab the downloadable software for Mac. These are the correct drivers and will work.

I hope this saves some other people the pain and frustration of having to sort this out themselves (like I did).

Update: (2nd Oct 07) HP seem to have removed the Mac OSX drivers for download. I've sent them a support request on this and hope to have an update soon. If you haven't downloaded the drivers before now and backed them up, you may be out of luck.