iSync Plugin for Nokia 6120 Classic

Hi again,

Work has just ported all of us employees over to Telstra, and supplied a NextG SIM card so I picked myself up a Nokia 6120 Classic to assist in some signal strength issues in my home office, and it’s worked brilliantly.

The only thing I didn’t count on is Nokia not having an iSync plugin for the phone (they seem to have one for every other device).

So I’ve put one together with some info from the web (and looking inside the available Nokia plugins) and now have it working successfully over Bluetooth. It has full iCal & Address Book (with photos) support, and a nice pic of the phone for the iSync panel.

To Install:
1. Download (via the link below) & unzip the file.
2. Open Finder, and browse to Macintosh HD/Library/PhonePlugins.
3. Copy the “Nokia-6120.phoneplugin” into this folder.

If the PhonePlugins folder doesn’t exist, create it and then do step 3.

Once done, use the Bluetooth “Bluetooth Setup Assistant” and add your phone, it should be detected and work as expected from then on.

Have fun!


Download Link
Version 1.1