Latest Movies Trailers on your iPod

Update: Looks like with some changes that Apple have made this Yahoo Pipes feed no longer works. Luckily it looks like Apple have provided us an answer which I have been testing over the past few days. They don't publicly advertise this but there is an RSS/Podcast feed that works. I've updated the instructions below to match.

I have an iPhone and an iPod Touch, and was looking for a way to automatically get the latest movie trailers downloading onto it. I noticed on some of the movie trailer pages at Apple's Movie Trailer site they had an iPod link, which opened automatically for me in iTunes as a Podcast.

So I thought there had to be a better way - how can I get a Podcast of all of the latest trailers? Obviously a gentleman named Mason Turner thought the same as me and used Yahoo Pipes to make it happen.

What do you need to do?

1. Make sure you have an iPod that supports Video.
2. Open iTunes
3. Click on "Advanced", then "Subscribe to Podcast..."
4. Copy this link into the box:
5. Click on OK.

Pretty much instantly you'll get a list of all of the latest movie trailers formatted for your iPod. Click on the ones you want to download (click on the "Get" button) and when finished, plug your iPod in and they'll show up in your video section.

The beauty of this is iTunes will automatically download the latest trailers for you as they are released, and will automatically sync to your iPod so they are there when you next look.

Great stuff.


Note: Original link to Mason's Yahoo Pipes page is here.