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Working in the world of Internet security, the one thing I recommend to individuals every day (if they ask me what they can personally do to be safer online) is to use a password manager. The company I work for doesn’t make one, but the one I prefer is 1Password* and I highly recommend you check it out.

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“But Shane it’s all too hard, I’m too awesome or I already have my password in notes on my phone (or some other lame excuse)” 😉

In response to your “awesome” excuse; a password manager:

  1. Secures (encrypts) your app, banking and website passwords so only you can access them.
  2. Ensures you have a randomised, unique password for everything (if you use the same password everywhere it is just a matter of time until you are hacked and your identity stolen).
  3. Makes it easier as you no longer have to remember your passwords yourself – you just remember your “master password” and the password manager auto fills your passwords for you.
  4. Most will also synchronise across your devices so you what you enter on your computer is already on your phone, and Vice Versa.

So treat yourself and your loved ones and ensure you don’t become another identity theft statistic.

* There are of course other options than just 1Password – I’ve linked to a few below so feel free to check them out.




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