Connecting Home Assistant Network UPS Tools (NUT) Client to Synology UPS Server

If you have a network or USB based UPS, getting your devices to shutdown safely when your UPS runs low on power is pretty important.

NUT (Network UPS Tools) works with a wide variety of UPS devices from most manufacturers.


I have a Synology NAS and I was trying to get it to connect to my Home Assistant NUT Server to no avail. While Synology internally use NUT, they don’t let you configure it.


The answer was to do it the other way around – connect the Home Assistant client to Synology.

It’s actually pretty simple.

1. Plug your supported USB UPS into your Synology and set it up ensuring it is enabled (Control Panel/Hardware & Power/UPS) and hit “Apply” – make sure it says “Changes applied”.
Shows the UPS setup within the Synology Control Panel

2. Enable the “Network UPS Server” and add the IP address of your Home Assistant server to the “Permitted Diskstation Devices” list. Hit “Apply”.
Synology settings to enable UPS ServerSynology settings for permitted Diskstation devices

3. Install the NUT Client in Home Assistant (Settings/Devices/Add Integration/NUT).

4. Add the IP address of your Synology in “Host”, leave the port as is, and insert username “monuser” and password “secret” (without the quotes) into the appropriate fields. Hit “Submit”
Home Assistant setup dialog for NUT client

That’s it – a UPS should be created and you can now see info on it’s status on your Home Assistant dashboard, as well as setup automations to shut down the Home Assistant server if the power gets low.

Hope this helps someone else – but at least I won’t forget again 🙂

2 thoughts on “Connecting Home Assistant Network UPS Tools (NUT) Client to Synology UPS Server

  1. hi, your information is perfect but you lost inform that is necessary open the port in the firewall of the synology. Thanks!

  2. Thanks this worked for me but only after I created a firewall rule for the UPS application on port 3493 in the Synology Firewall configuration GUI.

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