Google Maps Australia now does Directions

This may not be news to everyone - I'm not sure how long this has been the case, but I've just found that Google Maps Australia can now do very accurate address mapping, and with it comes the ability to provide turn by turn directions from one address to another (or many). Whilst this has been a supported feature in the US since day one, Australia wasn't so lucky, until now.

Mac OSX Finder Refresh

A small but annoying thing about Mac OSX is that sometimes it doesn’t refresh itself when a file or folder is changed - especially when dealing with SMB (Windows) share drives.

In Windows you can hit F5 to refresh the current Window, but Apple seemed to have forgotten to add this feature to Mac OSX.

Well I searched the web and finally found an Applescript to do this

Vista Media Center and Videos on Network Drives

Windows Vista LogoWell I succumbed and picked up Microsoft Vista Home Premium for my Media Center PC.It's actually running extremely well and is more stable than XP Media Center 2005. It does have it's little quirks, and one of them is getting my home movies that are stored on a network drive to show up under Vista Media Center's Videos in a nice way** . This also more seriously effects Xbox 360's running as an extender as Vista Home Premium no longer lets you set the extender up with a login script for it to see the network drives.

Imogen's 1st Day at School

Today was Imogen’s first day at big school. She had alot of fun & got to meet new friends (and old ones), and starts full time tomorrow. She loves her uniform (and looks great in it), and Mum & Dad are very proud (and still dumbstruck how quickly 5 years flew).

If you want to see the photos - check them out at our Flickr site.


New Photos - Christmas and the building of our New House

Christmas 2006 was lots of fun… we started out at home finding Santa had eaten most of the biscuit we left and drank all of the glass of milk. Lots of presents later we headed to Nanna & Nono’s house where more presents appeared. Later that evening we got to Gran & Grandad’s where, you guessed it… more presents appeared. Lots of fun!

We’re also building a new house… the first photos of the bare block are also available to see… I’ll post more as the building progresses.

See the house photos on flickr, and the Kids Photos on flickr.


Happy Birthday Imogen

My eldest daughter Imogen turned 5 today.

Whilst her party will be this weekend with her friends (she’s chosen to go to Putt Putt Golf), she did wake up a happy girl to find a brand new bike waiting for her downstairs.

Gran & Grandad also dropped by last weekend to give her a swing for her favourite doll (Bella) which she hasn’t stopped playing with.

Photos for Imogen’s birthday celebrations can be seen at our Flickr site.

You are a princess Imogen, and no child could make their parents as proud as you have.


iPAQ using Motorola V3x as Bluetooth 3G modem

So I have a HP iPAQ rw6828 (using a work provided Vodafone AU SIM), as well as a Motorola V3x mobile (using my own H3G or "Three" USIM).

Work have removed GPRS access on my Vodafone SIM at my request due to the ridiculous costs involved, so I thought I'd see if I could get my V3x working as a 3G modem with it over Bluetooth. It's important to note that you need to have Mobile Broadband enabled on your 3 account.

Note: For the gadget/technically minded, this sounds easy (and it is if you use almost any phone from Sony Ericsson instead of the V3x), however no matter what I tried, with H3G's limited help (they only support Windows XP) I couldn't get it going.

Well now I've solved it, and here are the steps.

Fathers Day at the Zoo

Well today we headed out to Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Imogen and Bianca loved it and got to see alot of animals that were never awake on previous visits, like the Snow Leopard and Tigers. Even though it is alot of walking, they walked (and ran) the entire way and never complained (except for a slight scraped knee for Imogen when she was fooling around). It was a great day, great weather and something we should do more often.

There are some photos on our Flickr site.


A Great Man Passes

Today is a very sad day for my family - my grandfather Stanley, (Pud to us - pronounced like “Pud”ding) passed away.

Out of every person older than myself, Pud always and without fail was a testament to the belief that you are only as young as your mind. For the majority of his life he had an energy and exuberance of a much younger man that infected those around him.

Pud was a man that had experienced enough of his own personal tragedy in life, yet found the courage always to move onwards, never letting the “downs” be the end of his story.

You will be missed Pud; by me, my family, your wife Pat and every person you have ever touched.

Love Always,

New Music - Disappearing Day by Anthony Snape

Disappearing DayI'm just listening to an early release of a first album by Anthony Snape - a singer I came across whilst enjoying a friends (Josh) 30th Birthday party as Anthony played there with his band. What can I say - this album, called "Disappearing Day" (due in stores soon) is fantastic. You may have heard his single playing on Nova or 2DayFM/FoxFM without knowing called "Little Piece of Love" - you can listen to a bit of it here. My favourite songs on the album so far are Track 1, "Daylight" and the title track "Disappearing Day" - of course I like LPOL too :) If you like light Rock/Pop with some great sound, interspersed with some good clean ballads and/or want to support a hard working Australian artist, I suggest you check it out. There is more info available at his website Thanks, Shane.

Update: Nutrimetics

Update: Due to family & work commitments Sam is no longer a Nutrimetics consultant. If you'd like more information or need to contact a Nutrimetics consultant near you, please visit for more information. Just to let everyone (and anyone) know, Sam is a Nutrimetics Consultant and would love to talk to you about what Nutrimetics can do for you. Whether you are interested in looking to buy one product for yourself or a friend, or if you are interested in the greater business opportunity of being a VIP or consultant yourself, please post a comment here with a contact number.