Google Maps Australia now does Directions

Google Maps Australia Logo This may not be news to everyone – I’m not sure how long this has been the case, but I’ve just found that Google Maps Australia can now do very accurate address mapping, and with it comes the ability to provide turn by turn directions from one address to another (or many). Whilst this has been a supported feature in the US since day one, Australia wasn’t so lucky, until now.

Perfect for planning your next trip – Try it for yourself!

Google Maps on a MobileUpdate: Fantastic! If you have a supported mobile* and Mobile Broadband or GPRS Data** enabled on your phone, you can also get Google Maps for Mobile. Think Whitepages/Yellowpages lookups, step by step directions to get there and clear street maps across Australia (and the world).

* Phones with Java Support and some others
** Make sure you have at least 100Mb downloads on your data plan, otherwise this can get expensive.


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