iTunes Plus is a Negative on the N95?

iTunes Plus was just made available to the public, and I straight away jumped in and bought some music from iTunes – the first time in over a year (yay DRM-free music).

It of course plays perfectly in iTunes & perfectly on my iPod… but – wait a second! My Nokia N95 won’t play it, with an error message of “File is Corrupted. Operation Cancelled”.

Google Maps Australia now does Directions

This may not be news to everyone – I’m not sure how long this has been the case, but I’ve just found that Google Maps Australia can now do very accurate address mapping, and with it comes the ability to provide turn by turn directions from one address to another (or many). Whilst this has been a supported feature in the US since day one, Australia wasn’t so lucky, until now.

Mac OSX Finder Refresh

A small but annoying thing about Mac OSX is that sometimes it doesn’t refresh itself when a file or folder is changed – especially when dealing with SMB (Windows) share drives.

In Windows you can hit F5 to refresh the current Window, but Apple seemed to have forgotten to add this feature to Mac OSX.

Well I searched the web and finally found an Applescript to do this

Vista Media Center and Videos on Network Drives

Windows Vista LogoWell I succumbed and picked up Microsoft Vista Home Premium for my Media Center PC.It’s actually running extremely well and is more stable than XP Media Center 2005. It does have it’s little quirks, and one of them is getting my home movies that are stored on a network drive to show up under Vista Media Center’s Videos in a nice way** . This also more seriously effects Xbox 360’s running as an extender as Vista Home Premium no longer lets you set the extender up with a login script for it to see the network drives.

iPAQ using Motorola V3x as Bluetooth 3G modem

So I have a HP iPAQ rw6828 (using a work provided Vodafone AU SIM), as well as a Motorola V3x mobile (using my own H3G or “Three” USIM).

Work have removed GPRS access on my Vodafone SIM at my request due to the ridiculous costs involved, so I thought I’d see if I could get my V3x working as a 3G modem with it over Bluetooth. It’s important to note that you need to have Mobile Broadband enabled on your 3 account.

Note: For the gadget/technically minded, this sounds easy (and it is if you use almost any phone from Sony Ericsson instead of the V3x), however no matter what I tried, with H3G’s limited help (they only support Windows XP) I couldn’t get it going.

Well now I’ve solved it, and here are the steps.